Friday, February 8, 2008

Killens Pond 2007

Killens Pond this year was great, it was John's first time out with us, Jim was a bit under the weather as was I later that night heehee.

The ride down was uneventful, not much traffic and no road construction. Travel time and camp setup was a about 3-1/2 hours.

The site was awesome, easy to back into and close to the dock. We had Water and electric and the facilities were nice. Our loop was pretty full but the sites are spaced nicely.

I hope we didn't bother our neighbors much!

The fishing could have been better.

The weather wasn't bad but there was enough chill in the air to demand a good hot fire.
We quickly went thru the pallets and wood that we brought and a perfectly good pair of jeans.
I think John is too much into "The Burning Man"!

Not sure why we went through the wood so quick!

So off to find more wood.

As Jim, John and I salvaged some old pallets, Bruce decided to go Lowes shopping and come out with a spanking brand new chainsaw...thanks for the addition to our camping gear Bruce.

It was a pretty laid back trip as seen in this photo. I think I just woke up to take this shot of Bruce.

Plenty of Beer and food as usual. The food was ok, dinners were simple; Meatball sandwiches, Hot Dogs and Pulled Pork. Jim hooked us up with some cream of chicken soup and Potato soup.
Typical Breakfasts, Bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, Pancakes
Bruce did a twist on pancakes...a hot dog wrapped in a pancake.

The "Cherry Buckle Your Knees" dessert was awesome, although I'm not sure how the other guys felt about it. Jim noted that it was a bit sweet...after he awoke from his diabetic coma.

It was our first try at "Ladder Golf" affectionately renamed to "Testicles". You can see by this photo that we were really into the game.

And of course the "Dart Board" went up.

Looking forward to our next outing in Assateague

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